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Under Way Construction Custom Builders is a small group of family-oriented individuals focused on construction of new custom homes, custom commercial projects and high-end remodels in the Port Aransas community. We offer a turnkey consultation and construction service experience and are happy to work with our clients to ensure that their needs are met, from conception of the project, through their continued use of the resulting product or home.


Why Choose UWC?

We know you have many quality choices when looking to construct your next project. That’s why we focus our business on putting the needs of the client first. We offer top quality construction services at competitive rates using a transparent process. Moreover, we go to great lengths to make ourselves readily available to immediately address our client’s needs and concerns, at all times. In addition to creating a quality product, open and clear communication with the client is our top priority.


Chad Shimaitis and Peter Young co-founded UWC Custom Builders in 2017. Living in Port Aransas has taught Chad and Peter a lot about building in the harsh coastal environment. “We have made it our mission from the beginning to build a home that will not prematurely fail due to moisture penetration and salt exposure,” Chad says. “Additionally, we IECC energy test all of our homes to ensure peak envelope performance.” He will happily share with homebuyers and potential clients the many techniques the firm uses “to create a tighter, dryer, and longer lasting home.”

Chad and Peter also look to make the process of building a home a collaborative and joyful experience. “We made it our goal to create a pleasurable experience when building our clients’ coastal homes,” Chad says. “The experience should be fun, interactive, and responsive.”

After a 21-year career as an energy executive specializing in natural gas, Chad and Peter formed Under Way Construction. Now operating under the name UWC Custom Builders, the firm has a long list of clients who love their work.

Chad and Peter don’t just build homes in Port Aransas. They live the Port A lifestyle. “I have been a lifelong outdoorsman,” says Chad, who loves to fish, flounder, and duck hunt in Port A waters. His wife, Kristin, has traveled to Port Aransas since her childhood, and introduced him to the town back in the ’90s.

“I fell in love with Port Aransas,” he says, adding that the couple built our first home here in 2003. “I am very proud my kids get to spend time on the coast as an everyday part of their lives.” Peter’s introduction to building began early his life. His father is a US Navy Seabee, a Civil Engineer as well as a carpenter, and construction and remodel specialist. The oldest of 5 boys, Peter grew up learning about the construction and remodel process and has enjoyed completing projects with his Dad for as long as he can remember.

Peter’s connection to the coast began at the age of 3 with his fondness for fishing. Early family vacations and his passion for fishing eventually led him to Port Aransas, where he worked as an offshore boat captain. His interest in learning more about the fish themselves led him to obtain a Master’s degree in Fisheries and Mariculture from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 2014. Since then, he’s led an age-and-growth study of dolphinfish in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico and worked as captain of the 1st Place boat in the Poco Bueno tournament of 2012. More recently, he is a broker for Fox Yacht Sales in Port Aransas and enjoys his works as a field consultant and general contractor at UWC Custom Homes.

Chad and Peter are ultimately drawn to the custom construction industry rooted in the creative and logistical challenges presented in the process itself.


Chad Shimaitis


Peter Young


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